Anibal García Navarro | CONTROL AND PREVENTION
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We want you to stay healthy!

This is what we are all about, our reason for being. The most economical, more durable and more comfortable dentistry is called prevention.

Few people like to visit the dentist, because the procedures are painful and annoying, but this can change if you acquire some basic habits that will prevent the accelerated deterioration of your teeth.

We like to take care of our patients so that they are always healthy. For that, we have a plan.


  1. Education: there are things that If you knew them, you will be able to do better.

  2. Control: we will always be in contact with you to perform control appointments and help you prevent consulting once you are sick.

  3. Integral treatments: our treatments are made and thought by several professionals, and aim to stabilize you completely and thus avoid frequent relapses.


We think long-term.