Anibal García Navarro | Clínica Odontológica
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In our dental clinic, Aníbal García Navarro, we seek to improve the life quality of our patients with the best technology and human warmth. Meet our multidisciplinary team of dental specialties led by Dr. Aníbal García Navarro.


Smile, orthodontics without braces! Our orthodontic treatments straighten your teeth, achieving a spectacular look, in addition to improving its functionality.

You are unique and so is your smile! We are not all the same, and that is why all our designs are custom-made.

We restore your smile back! Dental implants are an invention that changed the way of performing dentistry.

We want you to stay healthy! This is what we are all about, our reason for being. The most economical, more durable and more comfortable dentistry is called prevention.

Each smile is unique and is a reflection of the personality! At the dental clinic Anibal García Navarro we design smiles taking into account the lifestyle and the opinion of our patients to create harmonious and natural smiles!

Thanks to technology it is becoming faster to do a dental treatment!

We are located in Bogotá

CaLLE 93A # 14 - 17 Consultorio 501

PBX: 318 354 2611

WhatsApp: 318 354 2611