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I cannot attend my appointment. How long in advance should I cancel it?

At AGN we understand that time is precious and therefore we respect your time and schedule of appointments. In the same way, we want our patients to take into account our time and disposition for their attention. Hence, AGN and its professional team recommend canceling the appointment at least two ((2)) hours before the scheduled time.

I need a copy of my Clinical History and / or Diagnostic Tests (X-rays, Photographs, Models, TAC). How can I request it?

In AGN we have established the process of delivery of copies or summaries of clinical histories with three simple steps:

  1. The patient or his/her duly authorized representative submits a written request for a copy or summary of their medical history and/or diagnostic tests (x-rays, photographs, models, TAC).
  2. The Administrator receives the request and within a 3 days term delivers the correspondent documents to the patient or his/her duly authorized representative.
  3. The patient receives the documents signing the delivery.

What payment methods do I have to pay my treatment at AGN?

Deposit or transfer to the AGN bank account.
Debit Cards of any bank
Credit Cards VISA, Master Card, American Express.
Approved Credit FINAMERICA

I am pregnant, can I be seen by a dentist?

Pregnancy causes changes throughout the body including your mouth, it is convenient that you attend to AGN so that we can walk you through these changes. We will take preventive measures so that you and your baby do not take any chances during the medical attention, such as precaution with the taking of x-rays and anesthetics, among others. Under special cases, an interconsultation will be indicated along with the patient’s Physician, who will be in charge of authorizing dental care.

What is the importance of the x-rays to establish the treatment plan?

X-rays are a complementary examination of great importance to the medical examination performed by the dentist, since they allow to see alterations that are not clinically visible. For instance, interdental caries, bone condition or the presence of other pathologies. Therefore, in a correct and complete dental clinical examination, dental x-rays are indicated in most of our patients according to the present clinical situation.

What is the dental caries?

It is an infectious disease produced by bacteria present in the oral cavity. When the acids produce the demineralization of the tooth enamel, they attack it and end up destroying it. Caries is an incurable disease of the tooth that, if not treated in time, can reach the dental pulp (cavity that houses the nerve), causing inflammation (pulpitis) and subsequent necrosis (cell death). The treatment of an incipient caries is simpler (and cheaper) than when the nerve is already compromised and has to be removed (endodontics).

What is endodontics and what do the treatments consists of?

It is the specialty that is responsible for treating the vasculo-nervous package of the tooth (blood vessels and nerve) which is affected in cases such as very deep caries or when a tooth is fractured due to trauma and the nerve is exposed. The indicated treatment is to perform Endodontics by removing the nerve, filling in the tooth’s ducts and then reconstructing the lost dental tissue.

What is Periodontics and what are periodontal diseases?

It is the dental specialty responsible of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect the tissues that support the teeth and dental implants (gum, periodontal ligament, root cement and alveolar bone), for maintenance of health, function and aesthetics of teeth and their adjacent tissues. The main periodontal diseases that affect a dentition are gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding of the gum without affecting the bone) and periodontitis that can affect the bone.

I’m afraid of the dentist, but I know I have to receive treatment in my teeth. What can I do to overcome fear?

Always remember that AGN professionals are your allies, use our help to face and overcome your fear, if you have any questions ask us.Here are some tips that may be helpful:

• Ask the specialist to explain the procedures he/she will perform.

• Choose your appointments for moments when you can be calm and relaxed, without worries.

• You can distract yourself with music. At AGN we offer you a pleasant environment filled with sound.

• You can agree with the specialist some signal (like raising your hand) in order to control your anxiety.

Can you perform a dental treatment with general anesthesia?

Conscious general sedation can be done. In AGN the sedation is carried out and controlled by an Anesthesiologist, who will give you all the confidence and support for you to have a more comfortable treatment without anxiety.