Anibal García Navarro | DIGITAL DENTISTRY
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Technology makes our life easier in many fields, and dentistry could not be an exception.

In our clinic, we have the latest technology, we digitize everything, this allows us to plan surgeries, implants, crowns and even orthodontics.


The Intraoral scanner Cerec allows, by making a video of your mouth, to construct and see a virtual 3D model of your teeth on the monitor and by the use of specialized software, use this 3D model to design dental crowns, bridges, implants, and even aligning plates for orthodontics without braces.

This device saves the need of inserting the annoying impression trays that used to cause nausea.


We count with a specialized set of computer software that allows us to plan and preview the changes that the patient will have when the treatment is completed. By doing so, we guarantee predictable results, both functionally and aesthetically. Through these software, we can mimic nature, that is, we can digitally copy the shape of a person’s teeth and use this same shape to design the teeth of the treated patient, thus we achieve imperceptible results.


CAD/CAM technology, is the application in dentistry of aerospace technology to dentistry, this allows to make fillings, crowns and bridges, with mathematical precision and with materials imported from Europe, which have a strength and aesthetics greater than those used conventionally.

We possess a tooth printer that prints teeth from 3D models in 10 minutes, hence, the fabrication of a crown that used to be a 3 or 4 days procedure performed in an imprecise way, is now done in 1 hour with the greatest detail and durability.


We count with digital X-rays devices. These allow the dentist to instantly visualize the inside of your teeth and generate a minimum dose of radiation.


The COMPUTERIZED ANESTHESIA WITHOUT PAIN STA is an innovative technique that improves the experience during the dental treatment in our clinic. It is a safe procedure with an almost imperceptible injection that minimizes the inconveniences of traditional anesthesia and offers advantages to patients, such as:

  •  Painless injections
  •  Minimizes tissue damage
  • There is no numbness of the lips, tongue or face
  • Reduces stress by not seeing the threat of the traditional syringe.


Thanks to technological advances and digital dentistry we can offer crowns in an hour, a process that previously lasted 2 weeks to obtain a custom made crown.


Thanks to the digitalization of dentistry, nowadays it is possible to predict and plan the movements that we want to make in orthodontics. This has two great advantages: First, we know where our cases will go and everything is predictable; Second, which is the best, is that in most cases, we can avoid the use of braces to correct the position of teeth.

Meet our Laboratory

TED LAB is our personalized digital dental laboratory, we use CEREC CAD-CAM technology, only to perform jobs of great quality, aesthetics and speed. All our restorations are metal-free.