Anibal García Navarro | ABOUT US
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We are a DIGITAL DENTAL CLINIC led by the Dr. Aníbal García Navarro, DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry).

Our mission is to generate experiences that change the lives of our patients

Through a unique work environment, where fears, discomforts and bad dental experiences are left in the past. The digital era of dentistry is here to stay. The current technological tools are designed for the comfort of the patient: computerized anesthesia (without pain), digital radiology, intraoral scanners that replace the annoying molds, orthodontics without braces, dental crowns and bridges delivered on the same day. We have these and other advantages available for the service of our valued patients.


The best way of performing dentistry is prevention because it does not produce trauma, it is not painful nor expensive, and the best thing is that it creates a consciousness of healthcare in the patient, which keeps the patient healthy over time.

Our main objective is to generate health, and this is only achieved with education and monitoring. That is why we always focus our treatments towards functional stabilization. We do not limit ourselves to only treat the reason for consultation, we know that the mouth is a machine made to grind food and therefore we must stabilize it, so that all our procedures last as long as possible, ranging from implants to smile designs.

Discover our facilities

Our environments are thought and designed for the comfort of all our patients.